Monday, November 13, 2017

big boy's room | home sweet bargeron.

This room was a work in progress longer than any other room, and it felt SO good to add finishing touches to it just a few months ago. Between switching from a crib to a twin bed, there were lots of months of bare walls and things sitting around waiting to be put into place. As soon as we transitioned Braxton from sleeping on a twin mattress on the floor to a frame, however, I was more than ready to slap stuff on the walls and complete this space!

Braxton has more books than we can count, pictures of his favorite people AND things spread throughout, a tee-pee full of animals that he refuses to get rid of, and a whole lot of BLUE. Yep, when you see this room, you won't be surprised to learn that he loves the color! He's pretty much obsessed. And we just giggle at him!

There's always a stash of library books on the bottom shelf, toys are constantly being pulled out and put away, and Marshall and "Ti-Ti" (short for Tiger) are always in bed when he is. He's a pretty tidy little dude, and TJ and I definitely encourage him in this. We both love a tidy house, sometimes to a fault. I like to think that one day B's wife will thank us for how he cleans up after himself. Hehe!

I don't know if his love for blue will always be this strong, but while it is, his room is full of it!


Saturday, November 11, 2017

naley | round two.

It had been nearly four years since I visited my favorite spot in all the world, and my college roomie's wedding gave us the perfect opportunity to go back for the weekend. After a stunning Friday evening watching Mallory walk down the aisle to meet her man and celebrating the night away, TJ and I extended our stay through Sunday to have some time together, just the two of us.

Today marks one week since we had breakfast and coffee at Port City Java, lunch at the Dixie Grill, ice cream at Kilwin's, dinner at Front Street Brewery, and dessert at The Fortunate Glass. We got to pop in at the weekly market that morning, and we walked until our feet nearly fell off. I even did a little Christmas shopping at a few of my favorite shops!

Our room overlooked the river with a gorgeous view of the bridge and Front Street, and I dare say that this won't be the only time we stay in this particular spot. We felt so fancy to have a waterfront balcony! This was our second trip to Wilmy together, and I sincerely hope it won't be another five years before we tarry here again, hand in hand. It was so refreshing, as always, to be intentional about our time together. I'd let my Teesh whisk me away at any moment, because in my heart, we're still those goo-goo-eyed babies who are crushing so hard on each other. I'm so thankful to share so many of life's most precious moments alongside of him, including these few days. Every minute I spend with him is such a gift -- and it's always will be.

Before we left on Sunday, we enjoyed a long-anticipated brunch at The George and stopped by a beloved One Tree Hill location before hitting the road. My HPB left our mark on that iconic bridge before life took us all in separate directions, and I just had to stop by to see if it was still there. And it was! Our legacy lives on -- just like our friendship.

Oh, oh, it's magic. This city. These scenes. Mmm, they'll never get old.

Monday, November 6, 2017

kids' bathroom | home sweet bargeron.

With this space, we aimed to bring the outdoors to our kiddos, complete with woodland creatures and bright colors. I wanted a roman shade in this room's window, but all the ones that caught my eye were more than a hundred dollars. That being the case, I bought some fabric that matched the d├ęcor, looked up "no sew roman shades" on Google, and spent a few hours making my own (just like I did for our kitchen shade). And, voila! I love how it turned out -- the colors were a perfect match!

The two songs I sing the most to Braxton now and will soon sing to baby girl are now on the walls of the bathroom they will share, and I thought it was a sweet tribute to them. Braxton loves to take a bath (he's a little fish!), so we spend a good bit of time in here between that going potty. We really spent a lot of time here when B was potty training. Whew!

Another simple room that I think is simply beautiful.


Wednesday, November 1, 2017

halloween | pj masks edition.

Last night was as fun as they come, complete with pizza before trick-or-treating and enough candy to last us for a few weeks. We walked along Main Street with a thousand other neighbors, and it was the best to pass so many familiar faces as we made our way from house to house. The people in this little town have become like family over the span of our lives together, and now being to call this town our home is one of our great privileges.

Last year on this day, we walked the Haltis around our soon-to-be house, and this year they joined us for dinner in that same place that we have called home since shortly after that. Time flies, even when you hang on to every moment for as long as you can.

This day, all of its moments, is a day that I'll keep hanging on to.

Especially this one.
That shirt I once wore when I was pregnant with the one whose hands are saying hello to his little sister. Those hands on top of mine and Braxton's that welcome us in. The big smiles we wear as we anticipate baby girl's birthday quickly approaching. The love that can be felt even by just looking at this photo.

On this Halloween, my oldest child and soon-to-be youngest child, Lord willing, were together.

And there's nothing happier for a mommy than that.

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