Thursday, January 8, 2015

third trimester progress | 38.

What I'm about to say blows my mind, and I think it will blow yours, too. We are officially in SINGLE DIGITS in our countdown to Baby B's due date! Say whaaaaat? It feels like we just made our big announcement yesterday, but it was six months ago. We're both ready for him to be here, and our families are, too (as indicated by the immediate "Is everything okay!? Are you in labor?!" response I get every time I call them). I love hearing the excitement-mixed-with-anxiety I hear in their voices when they answer, and I seriously can't wait to watch their faces become overwhelmed with joy when they see him + hold him for the first time.

We had our 38-week checkup on Tuesday afternoon, and the doctor confirmed the following: 1) Braxton's head is wayyyy down + 2) he is a feisty little thing (evidenced by his kicking the doctor as he felt around for his arms, legs, back, and booty) + 3) he's a "big boy" (I'm not exactly sure if that means in general or simply in comparison to me) + 4) effacement has begun and is almost complete + 5) the best strategy to get him to come out is just to simply wait for him to be ready + 6) Zantac is a miracle-worker, and I wish I'd known just how great it would be weeks ago when I first began breathing fire (pregnant girls, y'all take note of that). Patience isn't exactly my favorite thing (let's be honest, none of us particularly enjoy waiting), but I'm all for anything that will give us a healthy baby boy!

My contractions have gotten a little closer together + a little stronger, but nothing that has made a lasting impression so far. I'm drinking ice cold water like a crazy woman these days (even more than usual, which is pretty insane if you know me), constantly running to the bathroom as a result, and walking around the neighborhood most days. Hopefully we won't be waiting too much longer! We get more + more ready for him to be here every day!

Wednesday, January 7th
Week 38 + Day 4
Baby B is the size of a watermelon.
*About seven pounds!

It's hard to believe that he has grown from the size of a blueberry when we first started documenting to the size of a watermelon, and it legitimately blows my mind to retrace these past months that have gone by so fast. Mama B is quite uncomfortable these days, but I'm still smiling + rejoicing because this is the most beautiful version of uncomfortable I've ever known. This once-in-a-lifetime season of being pregnant with my firstborn child is almost over, and I'm savoring every single moment I have left of it.

The countdown to Baby B's due date: 9 days!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

butt roast.

On Saturday night, our community had our first gathering of the new year to enjoy some smoked barbecue + yummy fixin's while we watched the Panthers win their first game of the playoffs. The guys mostly stayed outside in the cold rain doing manly things, the girls stayed inside chatting about life, and the kiddos ran around doing all sorts of kiddo things. It was a big treat to have Mr. Crawford Phillips join us for the first time since his birthday back in November, and we all swooned over his cute wittle cheeks + Panthers outfit. Maddox kept us giggling, Adalynn raided the toy bin to the point where she ended up inside of it, and Liam + Emma chased each other around all evening. Soon, there will be two new little ones to add to the mix, and both Wimberly and Nick + TJ and I can't wait for Braxton + Lilla to meet their soon-to-be buddies!

I love the people we get to do life with, and I'm so very thankful for another year filled with endless opportunities to grow closer together as we seek to push each other to walk closer with our precious Jesus.

Twenty-fifteen, you're off to a great start!

Monday, January 5, 2015

our first of twenty-fifteen.

After our last adventure up to Crowder's Mountain in September, we decided that walking around the neighborhood was probably the best strategy to meet our exploration needs for a while. Thankfully, my best oh-please-oh-please face worked on Teesh this past Thursday night, and he agreed to let me have one last hoorah out on the trails before Braxton gets here. On Friday morning, we got up + ate breakfast + headed to Paris Mountain State Park for a stroll around Lake PlacidThis close-to-home trail was the perfect outing for our first hike of twenty-fifteen + our last hike as a family of two.

We beat the rain by a few hours, and the clouds provided beautiful lighting for every click of the camera. The shadows were, also, indescribably beautiful, and I continued to teach TJ more lessons on patience with every stop I made just to gaze at the trees ricocheting off of the water. This will most likely be our second hike of the new year, too, as we adjust to carrying a baby on our backs, and I can't wait to see all the gorgeous spring colors waiting for us when it's finally time for us to get back out on the trails

I hope our baby boy loves the great outdoors as much as his daddy + mommy do!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

that first day | round two.

All I initially asked for was one good meal before Baby B makes his appearance, but what I got was two. Oh, happy day! We ate + talked about all-things-baby + played an intense game of Jenga + took a snapshot to commemorate the night. I know a lot of people say this, but I really did marry into the best family. And, soon, there will be eight of us!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

that first day | round one.

In true Phillips style, we all gathered together to kick the new year off with some good eatin' + good fellowshippin'. Most of the clan was in attendance, which made for extra fun, and the sun was shining brightly over all of us all afternoon. Everyone brought their specialty dish, and this mommy-to-be was thrilled to meet her goal: have one last gooooooooood meal before Baby B gets here. I especially loved seeing everyone so excited for his arrival to be approaching so quickly, and I was reminded again of how much I love my precious-even-though-we're-crazy family. Next year, there'll be another little one to chase around, and I've already put Luke in charge of making sure he takes Braxton under his wing just like his mommy did for me all those years ago.

As happy as this first day of the new year was, I know the rest of the year will be even happier!

Friday, January 2, 2015

third trimester progress | 37.

As of this week, Mama B + Baby B are officially considered full term, and Braxton could make his appearance any day! It's hard to believe that thirty weeks ago from yesterday, TJ and I went into the doctor's office for our very first ultrasound to determine if we really were expecting and walked out clicking our heels together in joy because we had heard our baby's heartbeat for the very first time. Time has absolutely flown by since then, and I know that it will only pass by more quickly once he's finally here with us. Although we're only two days in to the new year, we have no doubt that this will be our best year yet. It will, also, be more challenging than all the others because of our new addition, but the love that we have for him will continue to cast out every ounce of fear that tries to sneak in.

Since our last update, Baby B has officially dropped head-down into delivery position (as indicated by the waddle that has become my new way of walking), and Mama B has begun to have small contractions throughout each day. I've also begun using my new waddle more often as I dart to the bathroom about every hour-and-a-half. We don't know when he'll decide he's ready to make his grand entrance, but we know one thing: we'll be ready for him!

Wednesday, December 31st
Week 37 + Day 4
Baby B is the length of romaine lettuce.
*Between 19-22 inches!

Only 15 days until his due date! Y'all, Teesh + I are about to be PARENTS!
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