Saturday, December 31, 2011


This was my best year yet.

But I'm confident that it won't be my best year ever.

I've got high hopes for you, 2012, and I know you won't disappoint. I am excited out of my mind to experience all of the things this new year is going to bring. I can't wait to cry and laugh and meet new friends and love my old friends even more than I did this year and be more thankful and smile a million more smiles and plan for the future and trust the Lord whether they come to pass or not and be someone I'll be proud to be in fifty years and just live.

This will be your best year yet, too.

Believe it.

"Who am I, O Lord God, that you have brought me this far?...There is no one like you, O God, and there is no God but you."
-1 Chronicles 16:16, 20
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