Friday, May 28, 2010

baby, it's only life.

Ten days since my last blog? Sheesh, I am SLACK! I apologize for not adequately keeping you up-to-date with all my adventures. I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again…I’m going to try to get better! Okay, now that the shameful part is over, here is what the past week and a half has been like for me…

I worked 41 hours last week, consisting of office work and two trips: jet skiing and a harbor cruise in Long Beach with an organization called Totally Kids. Both were SO much fun! During the harbor cruise, I made a new friend names Mariah. She was absolutely precious, and I am still proud of myself for not snatching her up and taking her home. She was three years old and had a mild mental disability and a respiratory disease. But most importantly, she loved me. I have no idea why, but she did. Which made me HAPPY! And blessed. And excited. And [insert all awesome words here]. I will never forget that sweet baby girl as long as I live!
I got to sit in on a few client assessments last week, also. I can’t wait until I get to be a big girl intern and administer them all by myself! Anne and Jen, like I’ve said a hundred times before, are probably the best two CTRSs that I could have possibly worked for in a million years, and they are SO helpful in teaching me the ropes. Fact: I love my job!

Not only was last week an epic work-week, but it was also epic for another reason…One Tree Hill season 7 finale AND season 8 renewal!!!! WAHOO! I was an extremely excited/happy/out of control/ecstatic/etc. girl on this day, make NO mistake about that! Eden’s 21st birthday was on the 18th, which was yet another awesome contribution to my week! I only wish I could have been there to celebrate with her…best friends since 7th grade! AND, to add to that, I got a care-package from home with KASEY KAHNE pajama pants in it from Darlington! YAY!!

Did I mention I met THE GloZell on Saturday evening? Because I DID!!!! And she was AWESOME! And I‘m still freaking out from getting to meet her! And THEN Ally and I went to Hollywood Blvd for a night out on the town (or something like that). Even though I was the ONLY girl NOT wearing stripper heels and a dress/skirt up to my hiney, it was super fun! I even met a CELEBRITY! Well, sort of. We talked to him for a few minutes and he got us into the VIP room at The W Hotel. Uh-may-sing. I didn’t even know that he was an actor when we met him, but just yesterday I found out otherwise. Did I freak out? YES!!!! And why was that? Oh, no big deal…he was just in ONE TREE HILL EPISODE 11 this season!!!!!!!!! WHAT?!?!? I kid you not, last night when I discovered this, I SERIOUSLY thought I was going to die of a heart attack. In fact, I am still CURRENTLY finding it hard to breathe. I’ve already told Teesh that if I ever happen to “run into him again” (aka stalk him until I find him), the choice has been made. Please listen to “If We Ever Meet Again” by Timbaland and Katy Perry for a better explanation of my feelings toward this situation. I’m telling ya…this week was a doozy because of all the excitement!

And then something AWFUL happened. Ally left to go back to Ireland on Tuesday, two months before she was supposed to. Yep, you guessed it: all my excitement flooded from me and what did I do? Cried, of course. And so did she. BUT I pinky promised her that I would come to Ireland within the next year (which absolutely PUMPS ME UP!) so at least we’ve got future plans. I’m really going to miss her though; heck, I already do! Who would have thought that a girl from South Carolina would meet a girl from Ireland while they’re both in Los Angeles, CA for the summer and become great friends in just three weeks? That just goes to show that you never know who God is going to put in your life-or for how long. All you can do is enjoy it while it’s here, and be grateful for it when it’s gone. Life Lessons with Anna. Be on the look-out for my new talk-show coming soon, folks. When in Hollywood…haha, riiiiight!

At work so far this week we’ve had two trips (sailing and kayaking) and we have one tomorrow (surfing). So exciting!! My watch, shorts, and sports bra tan gets better and better every day. I can’t wait until I put on my bathing suit and show it off to all the hotties with bodies at the beach. I know, I know…you’re going to hate to miss it! I would be disappointed, too.

Actually, I’m going to the beach on Sunday after church with Kyle, Tom, and Micki! And with that said, I guess now would be the perfect time to tell how God (yet again!) provided for me out here! Kyle Carrion ( a friend from high school) got in touch with me out of the blue and told me that he lives in LA! CRAZY!! I hadn’t seen him since senior year, so this was a MUCH NEEDED reunion!He invited me to a Bible study this past Tuesday, I went, and I LOVED it! He and two of his friends (Tom and Micki) are so incredible, and we’ve already made plans basically for the rest of the summer. They may just feel bad for the poor girl all alone in LA, but I’ll take it—pity or no pity! But seriously, they’re awesome and I am SO GRATEFUL for this door that the Lord opened for me. I mean seriously, the SAME DAY that Ally boarded a plane headed back to Ireland, I got to hang out and dig deep into the Word with a group of people in Santa Monica with a passion for Christ just like I’ve been praying to find. Blows. My. Mind. If that’s not a testament to God’s sovereignty and mercy, I don’t know what is!

I also got my first Cali lecture from my daddy yesterday. Not fun. But what that conversation really meant: he misses me. Which made it okay for me to just to sit back and let him fuss. Once daddy’s little girl, always daddy’s little girl. Even when you’re 2,300 miles away from home. I am so thankful for and BLESSED to have a daddy that cares enough about me to make sure I’m okay and still know right from wrong. I have PHENOMENAL parents who raised me to be the strong and independent young lady that I am today, so when they lecture me, I know it’s all out of love. At least I hope! : )

And since I’m on the topic of being 2,300 miles away from home, I would just like to say this: I love California. I love the opportunity to be on my own and make my own decisions and be responsible for everything I do. I have never doubted my abilities to be on my own, but this is really the first time that I’ve ever been able to prove that I can do it-and do it well-by myself. This whole graduation thing is so weird, because this internship really is the first major move of my adult career. I’ve been looking at jobs and apartments all over the place, because I love having the opportunity to create a new life. Everything about it just makes me so super excited!! I’m ready to be a big girl. Weird, huh? Yepp, I agree! But it’s a good weird; a weird that I am so proud of! In a sense, my life if just beginning. And I want more than anything to go where Jesus leads me. Even if that means making drastic changes and shocking the heck out of some people along the way!

One last thing: MY ROOMIE TURNED 22 YESTERDAY!!!!!!!!!! YAY! I would have given anything to be there with my Kerbear on her big day, but I'll see her AND Squid and Mal in July so we'll make up for it then! Goodness, I miss my roomies.

Okay, I think that just about covers it...for now at least! I miss you, South Carolina!

Over and out.

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