Monday, June 21, 2010

tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme.

I’ll just go ahead and get this part out of the way…yes, the Celtics lost. And the Lakers won. And I have been getting heckkkk from everyone out here since Thursday. Awesome. Good thing I’m an all weather fan, fresh like vanilla man!

Okay, now that that’s out of the way…these past few days have been INCREDIBLE! So incredible that I honestly couldn’t wait another second to write about them! Everyone pull up a chair, grab your reading glasses, and read your heart out.

Thursday was one of the most humbling days of my whole life. Seriously. I filled out my mid-internship evaluation of the agency while Anne and Jen filled out their mid-internship evaluation of me. Oh, the pressure. And I was definitely feeling it while they sat out on the patio of the office and deliberated. Two words: nervous wreck. Little did I know that I was about to receive some of the best feedback and encouragement than ever before in my whole life. I was absolutely blown away by the positive comments they were making about me and my work so far—I couldn’t stop smiling to save my life! I gave it right back to them, though, because I only had great things to say about them, as supervisors and, more importantly, as people. Every single day I walk into the office or go on a trip, I get so excited to be able to spend another day with them. And to back-track a little…how in the WORLD is it possible that I have already been in Cali for SIX WEEKS? I can’t believe it at all—I just hope these next seven don’t go by as quickly. I already don’t want to ever leave this place, and I don’t even want to think about how devastated I will be when the time comes. Ahhh, makes me want to cry! And hence, I feel a subject change comin’ on.

Then Friday rolled around. And since it was my day off, I got to sleep until 10 o’clock. YES! I feel like I should admit that I had to genuinely force myself to stay in bed for that long, though. The only thing that kept me there was popping in Dear John for the sixth time since I got it. Hey Teesh, I think it’s safe to say that you’re getting your money’s worth for that one! : ) Once I got up and got ready for the day, I went to Forever 21 and H&M for a little retail therapy…did I mention that I got the CUTEST dresses ever? Oh, because I totally did! Two of them are more like cocktail/work party dresses and I have no earthly idea where I will wear them, but I couldn’t put them down. If anyone needs a date, just let me know…I can be dressed to impress in a flash! After I left the shops, I went into work for about an hour to tie-dye pillow cases with some of the residents at TLC. SO. MUCH. FUN. I don’t know what I’ll do when/if they go home before I leave…I’ve truly grown to love those guys!

And what did I do after work? I did something EPIC. Something that I had never done before, but always wanted to do. Brace yourself. I went to my first….DRIVE-IN MOVIE! It is legitimately changed my life! Two movies for only $7 and you get to bring your own snacks, blankets, chairs, etc.? HECK YES! Thank goodness I’ve got an incredible friend like Candice to introduce me to all the awesome that Southern Cal has to offer. I. Love. That. Girl. Yes I do! We watch Get Him to the Greek and Killers, both of which were phenomenal! I honestly don’t think I stopped laughing the ENTIRE time Get Him to the Greek played. And Ashton was lookin’ tooooooo fine in Killers. Bada-bang-bada-boom. Mmhmm, what’s that now? (just for you, P. Sawyer!)

So basically, Friday was the bomb. And what about Saturday? Even BETTER! I started my day out from 8:30-2:30 at a bike rally/car show fundraiser event that Casa put on. I haven’t seen such classy people since I left South Carolina. It made me feel right at home, that’s for sure. Mullets made up about 75% of the population, fake boobs were present in 99% of the females, leather was the hottest item up for grabs, and crazy people paid $4 for a little teeny tiny cup of beer. Devotion. Pure devotion. The only thing that would have made the day complete would have been if daddy showed up in his jorts and holey (or holy, depending on perception) Harley Davidson t-shirt from the 90s. I would have been in hog heaven! I must give credit where credit is due, though…Anne, Jen, Will, and I voted on the best outfit of the day and we unanimously agreed on a winner: a man wearing a doo rag, Levis, big ol’ black boots…sounds pretty basic, right? Well, the thing that set him apart was his black t-shirt, which had “Jesus would have rode a Harley” in white block letters on the front. I don’t think any of us ever laughed so hard than when we saw that for the first time. PRICELESS! I’m cracking up right now just thinking about it. HA!

After my duties at the bike rally were completed, I went to Candice’s graduation party for a little while. She’s a big girl now! YAY! And she’s also one of my most favorite people in the whole world. Boy am I glad that I met her, got to work with her for a few weeks, and now we still hang out. Remember those blessings I keep talking about? Yep, she’s definitely included in those…multiple times! I left her house around 5:30 and headed to Tomahawk’s apartment…why? So he, Kyle, Micki, and I could go toooooooooooo DISNEYLAND!!!!!!!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!!!!! TIMES A MILLION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I also ran into a little surprise when I was driving down the freeway headed to his place...I was on the phone with Melly when I looked over and saw caught a glimpse of someone driving a little Mercedes coupe convertible that looked just like Jessica Alba. I couldn't tell though, but fortunately there was traffic and we ended up passing each other several times. And guess what. IT WAS HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After passing me like ten times and seeing me gawking over her during every one of those passes, she LOOKED OVER at me and SMILES and WAVED! AHHHHH!!!!! I screamed bloody murder for a good five minutes while seeester laughed her head off at me. I am STILL beaming from that experience! WOWZERSSSS!!!! Okay, back to Disneyland...first and foremost, I was SUPER excited to see BELLE and the BEAST! I honestly don’t think that it’s possible for me to be anymore obsessed with them than I already do. True life: I’m addicted to Beauty and the Beast. We also got to see the fireworks show, the Fantasmic Light Show, and ride our favorite rides, which included Pirates of the Caribbean, Splash Mountain (twice!), andddddddd (get ready for it……) THE SPINNING TEA CUPS! They’ve been my favorite since I was a little girl, and I can promise you that they will be FOREVER! All four of us twirling that tea cup was hilarious and super deeeee duper fun! It definitely made me get over the fact that the princess castle at Disneyland is like a fourth of the size of the one in Disneyworld, which is a huge deal because I was quite upset! During those several hours in the park, everything in the whole world was as it should be. There’s just something about Disney that brings out the absolute best in me and makes me all tingly inside! I just love it! Disneyland and Disneyworld are definitely the happiest places on earth…which is why I have decided that I need to move there! Preferably Disneyworld since the castle is more appropriate for my taste! : )

We left the park when it closed, and headed over to Downtown Disney for a little while. House of Blues was the only place opened so we camped out there until they kicked us out. Just a day in the life of a couple of Disney junkies. I got back to my apartment around 4:30 a.m., which was just in time to snag 3ish hours of sleep before I needed to wake up for church. Good thing I’m an animal and can function for several days on no sleep (as evidenced by me being motivated to write this at this time!). I went to church with Jen (one of my supervisors) this morning, and it was so great! The Holy Spirit was showin’ out and I was lovin’ it! It was also wonderful to spend time with Jen outside of the work atmosphere. She is a one-of-a-kind lady and I am honored to be able to work with her and also get to be her friend. She’s categorized under “blessings” too, no doubt about it! I even got to meet her mom and dad at church, both of which were so nice and free-spirited. Great, great, great morning!

The only thing I wish I could have done today that would have made this day absolutely perfect that I wasn’t able to do is give my daddy a bbbbbbiiiiiggggggg bear hug on his special day! I miss my pop a whoooooole lot, especially today. I’m glad he was able to play a little golf this morning (all thanks to my wonderful, incredible, thoughtful, irreplaceable boyfriend), watch Will win his baseball game, and just relax for a while. I wuv wuv wuv wuv wuvvvvvv my deddy!!!!!

Today was also my roommate Shelye’s birthday, as well as Morgy Porgy’s birthday! This day was just super exciting! AND another epic thing happened earlier this evening…I picked up my senior pictures (which I absolutely LOVE!), picked out my favorites, and ordered my graduation announcements! Holy smokes, I can’t believe it!! I love the way Meredith Grey puts it: “When did we become adults? And more importantly, how do we make it stop?” Haha, I just love that! Except, I really don’t want it to stop. Not yettttt at least. The more I think about how I get to be a big girl and make my own decisions (even more so than I already do), the more excited I get. Now I just need everyone to start praying that I can find a job. That would be AWESOME! Dude, I can’t even believe that I get to have a real job now. Crazy! Yet so so so SO exciting and thrilling at the same time!

Welp, the time has finally come: I am starting to get a tad sleepy. Since that’s the case, I guess I’ll make my way to my comfy mattress, NOT set an alarm, and pray that I can sleep wayyyyyy late tomorrow. I get the day off tomorrow (yippee!), but I’m probably going to go to TLC at 6 o’clock to help Beth with the activity. I’m tellin’ ya, I can’t get enough of it!

Sweet dreams! Sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite!

p.s. Michal will be here in FIVE DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY. SMOKES. I can’t even fathom that yet!!! HOOOOOOOOOOOTIEHOOOOOOOOOOO!

p.p.s. I really want to see Toy Story 3! Like reeeeeeeeally bad. I bet Micki will come with me…us little girls at heart gotta stick together! Always!

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  1. your life just keeps getting BETTER AND BETTER out there doesnt it my dear!!?? AHHH the pictures at Disneyland put a HUGE smile on my face...there is NO other way to put it, i would have to agree, than the happiest place on this earth! I LOVEEEE YOU and it makes my day to read your blogs :)


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