Monday, July 10, 2017

home sweet bargeron.

It has been a little more than seven months since we moved into our new house, and we haven't wasted much time turning it into our home sweet home. This house was built in the 1950s, and it's thick baseboards, glass door knobs, and gorgeous hardwoods are a testament to its old character. (The plaster walls are, too, but we'll leave those out of the conversation so my husband doesn't read this and get a headache). Anyways, our realtor told us about a house that was being flipped right in the heart of the area where we wanted to move, and after being homeless for nearly a month with no prospective homes on our radar we thought to ourselves, "What do we have to lose?"

We are so thankful we said "yes" to our realtor's promptings, because we were amazed at what we saw when we walked through the front door. The outside needed some (read: LOTS) of work to fit our vision, but the inside was nearly flawless. It may or may not have taken our breath away!

We closed on the first of December so Christmas decorations were unpacked before our regular d├ęcor, and I wasn't mad about that.This house was such a perfect gift from God, one that we still haven't stopped thanking him for. Both the inside and the outside are a work in progress, but we have been working hard to make it our own. The inside is nearly completely settled and decorated, while the outside still has a ways to go. Our plan is to simply work until there is no more work to be done. Isn't it amazing, though, how you cross off one thing on your list only to add a few more right back to it? We've got big dreams, and we will keep chasing them until they are tangible.

Here is a glimpse of the inside of our house, raw and untouched, just seconds before we began to move our stuff in and unpack. This day was an all-time favorite in my book of favorite days, and I am grateful to share it with you now!
Isn't she just lovely?

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  1. Looks beautiful
    Can't wait to see it in person
    I kn9w my grandma and papa are in heaven looking down and saying what a beautiful place.


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