Sunday, June 5, 2011

happy wedding day, Brittany!

One of the ladies I work for, Brittany, got married last night, making that the third wedding in four weeks that Teesh and I have been to. I guess you could say we've got wedding fever...EEEEK! And now it's official: the next wedding both of us attend will be our own. YAY! It's so hard to believe that we started this journey with 315 days to wait until we became Mr. and Mrs., and now we've only got 41 days to go. That's right, only FORTY-ONE days to go! I get giddy just thinking about it!

Brittany's wedding was an early evening wedding in downtown Greenville at Larkin's. Yepp, you guessed it: it was beautiful. Anything on the river is destined for greatness, in my opinion. :)

Here are a few snap shots of the night, in case you're curious about my crew from work.

Disclaimer: they are all a HOOT!

meet Keondre, my new boyfriend. I. Was. [and still very much am] OBSESSED!

 Shemika, Debbie, and Shon. my three best friends from work!
funny fact: while we were situating ourselves for this picture, we all decided to make an oreo. #truestory

 Shelby, Tiffany, Alysha, Toni, Shon, Shameika, and LaVerne. we're just one big melting pot at City Kids. HA!

all the ladies were jealous that I was the girl with this handsome fella. I keed you not.

my partner in crime! I love my Mika Mika!

and last, but certainly not least, the beautiful bride! isn't she stunning?

Fun was had by all last night. And you should have seen the look on all of my co-workers' faces when I came back to the table with an alcoholic drink. "Oooooo, Miss Anna, we din't know you dranked! Get it, Little Miss Good Girl!" In the words of my dear P. Sawyer, it was HIGH-larious. ;)

The gist of this story: I love weddings. And I have a preeeeetty good feeling that the next time Teesh is my date for a wedding, we'll be the talk of all the guests.


"There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved."
-George Sands

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