Tuesday, March 25, 2014

a celebration for Lacy Claire.

On Saturday, we all gathered to celebrate Lacy Claire turning one! We had the best time just simply watching her, and I don't think any of us can believe that she's already a year old. It seems like yesterday we were visiting her for the first time in the hospital, and now she's smiling + crawling + almost talking + almost walking. Speaking of her smile, it's the cutest thing I've ever seen. I'm looking forward to continuing to watch her grow up, and I will be praying over her every single day of her life; that the Lord would use her to draw people to His name, bring His peace + love everywhere she goes, and that she would grow up to love Him more with every day that comes + goes. I pray that her life would be one that others admire, one that inspires others to seek after our Father, the Maker of life, the Lover of our souls.

Lacy Claire, I've got high hopes for your precious life, and I'll be beside you as you develop + chase after your dreams. As much as we all hate that one day you'll face hardship on this earth, you've got plenty of us that will fight against it with you. May you know how much you are loved + cherished by so many of us, sweet girl.

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