Monday, September 29, 2014

love from 121F.

On Sunday afternoon, my sweet Clemson girls + roomies met at Larkin's on the River for brunch to celebrate the upcoming arrival of sweet baby Braxton. I can't count all the reasons I am thankful for these four ladies, and meeting + living with + doing life alongside of them for the last six years has caused so much joy in my heart. They drove from all over the state of South Carolina just to show me + my little boy how much they love us, and my heart is still on the verge of popping because of all the thankfulness they helped create inside of me. Even though I would love for us to still come home to each other like we used to, it's exciting to enter into new seasons of life and still remain friends. I'll cherish my 121F girls forever + ever, and I know Braxton Michael will, too!

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