Sunday, November 15, 2015

little bradley falls | hike it baby.

Braxton and I made the hour drive to Saluda, North Carolina to hike to Little Bradley Falls with our Hike it Baby friends last week, and it was one to remember. Us four mamas named ourselves "American Ninja Moms" because of all of the hurdling + squatting we did over + under tree trunks, the slippery rocks we balanced on to get across the small parts of the creek, and the knee-deep water we waded through to cross the widest part of the creek. That's right, shoes + socks came off, pants were rolled up, and our legs + feet braved the freezing water all in the name of adventure. The best part? It was a there-and-back trail, so we got to do all of the aforementioned not once but TWICE! Like I said, American Ninja Moms.

The falls were GORGEOUS, especially with all the rain that had fallen on the days leading up to this day. The sight was worth all the craziness it took to get there, and I'm already looking forward to visiting this trail again soon!

So, who wants to come with us next time? :)

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