Monday, December 12, 2016

braxton michael | twenty-three months.

In exactly one month, our once-baby will be two years old. TWO. YEARS. OLD.

Can someone tell me how that's possible?
He is twenty-three months old today, barely hanging on to being a one year-old, and he's been on a wild ride since we celebrated the twelfth day of the previous month. Mommy has still been snapping pictures at every turn, but I've been a little less, how to do you say, "on top of it" when it comes to posting all the precious still shots I capture. We haven't been on a trail hike all month (can you believe it?!?!), but we've taken a couple walks around the neighborhood (our new neighborhood - eeek!) when being cooped up inside was too much to bear. He has been so sweet, especially over the past week, as I've tried to get our house in order, and he's also transitioned to so many big changes recently like a champ.

He gets wilder and crazier with every new breath he breathes in, and he somehow manages to get cuter just as fast, too. He already talks our ears off with a voice that reminds of perfect innocence and purity, and his words are constantly getting clearer and clearer. He prefers running over walking, loves to eat, never goes too long without pausing for a hug or a kiss from his daddy or mommy, is amazed at all the Christmas decorations everywhere, and sprints out of his room to greet the snowman on our mantle every morning before he does anything else.

He officially has a new room in our new home, and he loves everything about it...especially taking every single book off of his bookshelf multiple times a day (and BOY, does he have a lot of books). In only a week's time, Teesh and I have probably reorganized them a combined total of thirty times. We don't mind though, because we love that he loves to read already! Well, let's just say we don't mind yet.

We walked to the Fountain Inn Christmas Parade as citizens of our adorable, new-to-us town last week, and we also chose and strung the lights on our very first Christmas tree at our new home. I wish I would have filmed Braxton's response to waking up to all the lights and reds and greens on that first morning that I rose early just to turn them on. Oh, I hope he loves Christmas as much as I do!

I will be the mommy of a two year-old blondie next month, which means that the next thirty days will be filled with birthday party planning (yay for Elmo!), a hundred smooches per day, reminiscing over how blessed we've been up to this point in our lives, countless prayers of thanksgiving lifted, and trying to be the best wife to Teesh and mama to Braxton that I can be. His second Christmas is nearing fast, and we've got lots and lots to celebrate and be grateful for!

The months just get sweeter and sweeter, but my goodness, do they fly by.

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