Sunday, December 4, 2016

closing day | the bargerons are comin' to town.

On Thursday, we pulled into the driveway of a house we've been praying for over the past few months. Earlier that day, we woke up slowly, daydreamed about what the rest of the day would look like, signed a big stack of papers, and somehow managed to not break the speed limit on the way home.

Ahh, home.

It was on this day that the driveway I just mentioned went from being a hope to a reality. A maybe to a definitely. A couple of months prior, we walked out of our first home with no idea of what would come next, and now we were walking through the doors of one of the greatest gifts we'd ever known. It wasn't our timing or our plan, and yet somehow it was perfect. Funny, huh?

We opened the door, breathed in the fresh paint smell, ran our fingers along the new countertops, dug our toes into the gorgeous hardwoods as we walked from room to room, and squeezed each other under the chandelier in our new dining room before we began unloading the truck. We would have been foolish to not pause to be thankful  to God and rejoice that we are starting this new chapter together, so we did just that: we paused.
The rest of the day was full of unloading, brainstorming, organizing and reorganizing, blaring Christmas music, and occasionally just stopping to smile at each other and say "I love you" before moving onto the next thing on our lengthy to-do list. Braxton ran through the house, stomping his tiny feet and shouting out in joy, and we grinned as we watched him get used to this new place that would soon be his haven.

That was what closing day looked like, but today is when the real fun begins. After spending the last few days getting our new house ready for its new family, today is the big day... MOVING DAY! There are still things to be done (and I suppose there always will be), but we've got it as close to "move in ready" as it needs to be before we spend our first night (and many more after that) in our new home.

Y'all say it with me now...EEEEEEEEK!

We will still be hustling to get things done today, including getting a Christmas tree to decorate and tuck our wrapped presents under (double eeeeeek!). This time of year is always the most exciting, and our big move only adds to the magic.

Fountain Inn, it's good to be home.

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