Monday, July 26, 2010

good times, sunshine & summertime.

I’ve had a couple adventures in the past 24 hours…but what’s new? Southern California might as well call me its OWNER because I have done quite a good job at exploring the mess out of it. They don’t call me ‘Anna “GO!” Henderson’ for nothin’!

Last night I went to the Orange County Fair with Candice and her two friends Rachel and Tori. It was so much fun! We didn’t ride any rides (because they charged you out the WAH-ZOO just to ride one ride) but we did see FAITH HILL in concert! That was pretty saweeeeeet, I’m not gonna lie! She sounded SO INCREDIBLE live. I was flabber-gasted...she blew us all away! Except for one part of the show…her stage presence was not so good. She kept repeating the same phrase: “Hey ya’ll, thanks so much for being so polite. (Awkward silence) Well, here’s the next song.” Haha, seriously? Ummm, Faith, how long have you been performing? Your voice is incredible. Your legs make me want to starve myself for years. And your songs always make me tap my foot. Butttttttt please work on engaging your audience more. Please and thank you!
After the concert, we ate us some goooooooooood fried food. Fried snickers. Fried Klondike bars. Fried smores. Oh my goodness. My mouth is watering just thinking about all that fried heaven I consumed. Mmmm! Except now that I’m thinking about what happened next, I’m feeling rather sick. Explanation? Well, here it is: while the crazy girl who was running around screaming at a rock concert was quite entertaining when she was sprinting up and down the aisles, our laughter soon turned to dry-heaving when she began projectile vomiting as soon as she stopped running. Gross. Gross. GROSS! We all thought we were going to die. I have a little advice for her, though...running while you’re drunk AND out of shape is never a good idea. She might want to limit her alcohol intake and purchase a treadmill. We were all but traumatized from that…yuck!
How did we lift our spirits after that terrible experience? We got our FACES PAINTED! Wahoooooo! I gladly take credit for this splendid suggestion. There’s nothin’ like feeling like a little girl again when you’re at the fair! The pink flowers all over the right side of my face even won me a couple fellas, one of which was quite persistent. His pick up line was, “Umm, excuse me. You’ve got something on your face. But don’t worry, it only adds to your beauty.” HAHA! That was enough to fill the rest of my evening with laughter, and I appreciated his enthusiasm. Too bad I’ve already got the best boyfriend in the whole pick up line is going to steal me away from my guy! :)
And I just have to say this…Candice Crawford is one of my favorite people in the world. I have been SO BLESSED by her since the first day I met her, and I am going to be so sad when we can’t have dates anymore. Booooooo. I already dread the day I have to tell her bye…along with everyone else I’ve met here. But that’s for another time…you know, when I’m on my way home and bawling my eyes out.

Okaaaaay, now back to the fun things in life! Today, my deeeear friend Dave and I hiked up to Sandstone Peak, the highest peak in the Santa Monica Mountain Range. It. Was. AWESOME! But…it almost killed me. Not only did my breakfast wear off about halfway up (causing me to have to stop every 15ish minutes to recompose myself), but both of my calf muscles decided to cramp. At the SAME time. I seriously felt like I was paralyzed for a few minutes. Dave had to stretch my legs out for me…while I screamed bloody murder. HA! While I can laugh about it now, I thought I was going to die. Forreal. Whew, that was a doozy and I am SO glad that’s over. Aside from those two mishaps, the hike up was UH-MAY-ZING. Creation is my favorite place in the whole world to be, and the views of Malibu from thousands of feet up in the air were absolutely phenomenal. We hiked the Mishe Mokwa trail, which was a 7 mile loop that took us up to Sandstone. We saw lizards, got attacked by flies (one of which is now D-E-A-D because of ME! Oh yes!), made small-talk with some of the nicest people either one of us had encountered in LA, and got to be completely surrounded by creation. Perfect day? Definitely. The best Sunday funday I’ve had in a while!
I’m also off work tomorrow (yippee!) but I don’t have any plans yet. I may not be able to get out of bed in the morning, so I’m gonna play it by ear. I’ll probably just spend the entire day day-dreaming about the Charlotte Bobcats and my P. Sawyer and B. Davis. And James. Whose birthday is TODAY, by the way! YAY! Remember when I said that no pick up line would steal me away from Teesh? Well, I lied. All James would have to do is make eye contact with me and I would be SOLD. Just like Janie Fricke said, it ain’t easy being easy. I don’t think we’re referring to the same thing though. Wait, what? P. Sawyer, you’re the only one who understands my love (obsession/infatuation) with him. What am I saving? Dasssss right!

So my head is pounding, my eyes are closing, and I’ve seen this episode of Hannah Montana at least a hundred times…I think that means it’s time for this girl to get some sleep. Goooooodnight! Sleeeeeeep tight! Don’t let the beeeeeed buuuuuugs bite! :)

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  1. Remember those times that I always crush your dreams about James with another fact about Shantel, and tell you things like, did you read that not only was it James' birthday yesterday, but Shantel's too, and that not only did James turn 25 on the 25th, but Shantel did to??

    Okay okay I'm sorrrryyyy!!! But girl I don't think you'll have to do any more *saving* because if the Charlotte Bobcats opportunity comes through, I have a feeling that Shantel won't be there!!!

    Ps Your previous post was AMAZING! Another reason why we're soul-mates! (<--I feel like I change the spacing in/around this word all the time)


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