Wednesday, December 18, 2013

holiday baking.

On Sunday afternoon, I moseyed on over to the Bargeron house to do some Christmas baking alongside Angie + Cannie Ree. We had a big list of dishes to make, but I had no doubt it would all get done--no one does it like the Bargerons, and that's a fact. We made peanut butter bars + peanut butter balls + oreo balls + chocolate oatmeal cookies + chocolate balls, and that was just while I was there. They continued without me until after the sun went down, making them the baking champs of the day, for sure. 'Twas a fabulous time cooking + chatting + simply spending time together, something that, no matter how much we do it, it never seems to be enough. One of the best things about marrying Teesh? That's easy: getting to call his family my own.

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