Friday, December 20, 2013

mr. bargeron.

On Monday morning, Teesh slept until half past six + made the bed + hopped in the shower + ate some breakfast + made final preparations + got in the car + drove thirty minutes north of Greenville + pulled into Dorman High School for a nine o'clock interview. An hour and a half later, I received a phone call while crafting with my kiddos. It was Teesh Mr. Bargeron calling to share the results. My response should tell you the verdict: I jumped up and down + screamed + tripped over a chair in my excitement. My kiddos jumped right in with me when I shared Mr. Teeshy Weeshy's big news with them. My awesomely charming + dashingly handsome + strikingly intellectual husband was offered the teaching position right there on the spot! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK! I can assure you that statistics + geometry will never be the same again.

In honor of this huge accomplishment, there had to be a celebration! I ran a few errands after work to pick up a few necessary items, then came home and got to work. Pizza is his favorite meal (and by favorite, I mean that he could literally eat pizza for every meal), so we stepped it up from the usual Little Caesar's to Pizza Hut. Big timin'! We watched Baby Mama as we dined with a few of our favorite people who joined in on the celebration, and together, we praised Jesus for His endless blessings and faithfulness in our lives. Most people would look at our lives and wonder what there is to rejoice about, but trust me when I say that the hand of our Father has guided + protected + provided for us every step we take as we continue to walk down the path that He has called us to.

Nope, Dorman High School will never be the same. Next time y'all see the future best-math-teacher-in-the-world, be sure to give him the biggest high five you've got. Hip hip hooray!


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