Friday, January 24, 2014

round two.

Last May, I explored the Lake Placid Trail with Melanie + Freeman, and Teesh + Cannie Ree did it with me this go around to kick off our twenty-fourteen hiking season. We slept in (well, until half past seven, at least), and then made the fifteen minute drive to Paris Mountain State Park to do some wandering through creation. It was a chilly morning, but, thankfully, it continued to warm up as we walked on. The sky was cloudless + the water was calm, making it a peaceful time of fellowship with each other and our surroundings.

This year, I pray that all of our eyes would be opened to all the magnificent beauty that lurks around every corner. Sometimes you have to dig a little, but I promise that what you see will be worth every ounce of energy put forth to find it. Why not embrace all the loveliness around us instead of only seeing the things which are not quite as alluring? Enchantment is everywhere, and I pray that this is the year our eyes are opened to that fascinating truth.

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