Tuesday, February 11, 2014

happy heart.

On Sunday afternoon, Ms. Anna + Mr. Teeshy Weeshy had the pleasure of attending sweet Abbe's sixth birthday party Not only was I able to give hugs + kisses to the birthday girl, but I, also, got to love on my equally-as-sweet Megan! I was giddy all morning as I prepared to celebrate the life of one of my former kiddos, and I made sure to get as many snuggles as I could before it was over. These two little ladies, better known by me as Abs + Meggers, will always be so special to me, and I'll covet every opportunity I have to show + remind them just how much they mean to me. I loved catching up with their mommies, too, and I hope we get to have that play date we talked about very, very soon. Memories like this, which invite dozens of other memories to come along with them, are the best.

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