Thursday, February 13, 2014


This handsome lad is twelve years old today! In honor of his big day, the Lord blessed him with no school + snow + bonding time with the greatest sisters + brother-in-law he could have ever asked for. Right, Teesh + Melly? :o) Yesterday, better known as Wilber's last day as a mere eleven year old, we spent the whole morning + afternoon out in all the white beauty, and you can bet that's exactly where we'll be again today on his first day as an almost teenager. Sidenote: how in the world is it possible that he's already twelve? Blows my minds, folks. BLOWS. MY. MIND. End denial. For now, at least. 

Happy birthday, Wilber!
Little brother, I hope you know, on this day + every other day, how much you are loved by so many people!

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