Thursday, June 12, 2014


On Sunday night, many of Whitney's friends + family gathered at The Delta in Simpsonville for a surprise of the best kind. In just nine days, Whitney will be moving to St. Augustine, Florida with her husband, David, for the next two years. Instead of her traditional last-night-of-the-weekend plans, she walked up the stairs to see everyone standing around yelling "Surprise!" + me snapping as many pictures as I could. It was a beautiful evening, one filled with barbeque + cupcakes + sharing our hearts with Whitney, and we were all reminded, yet again, of how long these next two years will be without her by our side. Though there were tears, there was also plenty of laughter + smiles to go along with them, making it a night to praise Jesus in abundance.

Make the most of these next nine days? Absolutely, positively!

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