Thursday, July 24, 2014

our family is growing!

I, also, may not have been completely honest about why this Father's Day cookout was better than any other Father's Day in the history of all Father's Days. After we ate and chatted for a while, it was time to take our traditional group picture. We took the normal one first (which you saw here), and then we took one more "just to be safe" where we pulled the same scheme on the rest of the family as we did on Auntie Mel. Silly me was so nervous + excited that I forgot to reset the camera to take more than just one picture on self-timer, but I'm thankful we at least got the initial reaction (don't worry, I'm not quite as mad at myself as I was, though it's still pretty close). Mommy + Angie + Savannah + Candie reacted immediately, and the rest of the family chuckled because they thought I was just pranking them when I yelled out "Say 'Anna's pregnant!'" 

The next half-hour was filled with countless tears + plenty of questions + confessions of how we'd been telling little lies here and there over the previous four weeks + the biggest smiles I'd ever seen. I intentionally looked at everyone's face when I first turned around to show them B's ultrasound, and every eye was huge + every mouth was wide open. I've never been surrounded by so much joy in all my life! We made the transition inside so everyone could watch a little movie I put together of me telling Teesh for the first time on May 14, 2014. Then, we all just hung around and enjoyed the blissful dream we all felt like we had entered into.

Baby B is already loved so unbelievably much, and it makes me giddy to no end that in just six months, we will have a new, precious baby in the family. Two kids will become parents, parents will become grandparents, grandparents will become great-grandparents, brothers and sisters will become uncles and aunts. Oh goodness, how much fun will that be!

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