Wednesday, July 16, 2014

unified gaze.

Three years ago from this very moment, I was waking up for the last time as Miss Anna Michelle Henderson. Only six hours later, I would become Mrs. Anna H. Bargeron, wife of Mr. Troy J. Bargeron. I remember the details of that cool day in July so vividly as if it happened yesterday, and a day has not passed since when I haven't thanked God for all the beauty it beheld + has produced. As daddy and I walked down the aisle, all eyes were on me, and my eyes immediately fixed on Teesh who was waiting on me at the end. After a few seconds, my eyes could no longer see anyone or anything because of the tears consuming them. When we got halfway down, however, my eyes finally reconnected with TJ's, and that's where they remained for the next half an hour.

Our eyes have been locked on each other ever since. And as our eyes hearts have become united, it has been so incredible to lock our eyes on + unite our heart with the Creator of them both. He is still writing our story, and we eagerly await all He has for us in the coming days as we humbly give thanks for all He has for us right nowAdventuring through this life with the best man the Lord has ever made has been a tremendously beautiful journey so far with an exponential amount of blessings, and He is not finished with us yet.

And, speaking of the Father not being finished with us yet, what better day than this special day is there to make this exciting announcement that we + our families + closest friends have been itching to make public for weeks now? Ladies + gentlemen, it gives us unspeakable joy to say that...

Baby Bargeron is expected to be here
January 2015!

We have been praying over our babies since our wedding day, and it has been such a precious, precious gift to touch my belly these past nine weeks and pray over his/her actual heartbeat + listen to Teesh talk to our baby as he lays his head on my belly + respond to Teesh's "I love y'all" with "We love you, too." There is life growing inside of me in a way that I've never known, and it motivates me to chase harder after the heart of Christ than I ever have before. TJ and I will continue to keep our eyes locked on each other as we lock our unified gaze on our Redeemer as our sweet baby continues to grow.

Would you join us in prayer, not only for Baby B, but also for us as we prepare to be parents? Pray that we would be mesmerized by the goodness + faithfulness + sovereignty of God as we continue to aim to keep our gaze fixed on Him throughout this lifelong season that we are being developed for: being daddy + mommy! Pray, too, that Baby B would be strengthened day-by-day until we meet him/her in only six months. We can't wait to meet the most beautiful work of our beautiful Creator that our eyes have ever seen, and we can't wait for you to meet him/her either!

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  1. Congratulations you will be the best possible parents ever


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