Saturday, November 12, 2016

braxton michael | twenty-two months.

This cheesy-smilin', tree-huggin', life-lovin' dude is twenty-two months old today. TWENTY-TWO MONTHS OLD! Dang,y'all. Time flies. I mean, they all tell you that it will, but no one can prepare you for just how fast time really does pass by. Even with the best of intentions, moments get away from us and quickly become memories.

This past month has certainly been one of those "remember to be intentional" months. We've officially been living with Mimi + Pops (TJ's parents) for over a month, and it's been a pretty big adjustment for all three of us. Although we are closer to our community, we now live further from all the local trails, making it harder and less convenient to join our friends in our happy places, and we've been missing our weekly trips to the zoo, too. The chilly weather has put a slight damper on our outside time in general, as well, but we've still been playing at a couple of different parks and going on walks pretty regularly.

Because we've been spending so much time inside and around family lately, Braxton has become quite the show good ways annnnd in bad. Lordy, Lordy. His language continues to boom, and favorite words are currently "no," "truck," "outside," "please," and "cheeeeeeese." That last word has cracked us up on countless occasions recently, because he will scream it out and smile really big if he sees me take a picture of someone/something other than him. We're raising a little model. HA!

We've started to encourage him to pick a few things to pray for when we pray before we eat and at bedtime, and it is the cutest thing; "trucks" and "Mommy Haiti" are his two favorite things to tell Jesus about. Seriously, the cutest! He wants to use his new "teef Elmo" brush ten times a day, and he loves when his Daddy comes home after being a work all day (a personal favorite of mine, too) and sliding down the tallest slides on the playground and asking to watch Pooh on TV (we can blame Daddy for that while Mommy was in Haiti, HA!) and leading our hikes/walks and trying on every pair of shoes he has twenty times a day (kid has a serious shoe fetish) and getting attention from anyone who will look his way and riding in the wrecker and laughing loudly + proudly.

He is growing at the speed of light these days, and we are trying our darndest to keep up with his every step. I don't mind following behind him, because it gives me the best view to see where he is and where he's headed, both literally and figuratively. It really is the biggest honor to be his Mommy. We love our little blondie so much!

This next month will be full of more change and transitions (hopefully), plenty of Thanksgiving food, gearing up for Christmas and all of its excitement, beginning to really plan his second birthday party, and enjoying more of this wild ride called parenthood. So much to be thankful for and to look forward to!
Only two more months before we have a two year-old, y'all. If you need me, I'll be clinging to every single moment that comes my way!

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