Tuesday, November 1, 2016

trick or treat | mr. conductor.

Full hearts, full bellies.

That's what yesterday looked liked for us, and we loved it. Oh, what fun we had walking the streets of our new town with so many familiar faces. The Halterons (Haltiwanger + Bargeron = Halteron...yes, it's totally a thing) took to the pavement for a candy-grabbin', toddler-chasin' evening, and it was (as usual) absolutely, positively wonderful. Braxton and Maddox were crazy excited to go house to house either by foot or in the wagon, and they tickled each other, laughed loud + proud at each other, and made their parents swoon all night. These two have made so many memories together since that first day Maddox came to visit a newborn Braxton at our bungalow, and this one was definitely one to remember. We love how much they love each other! Braxton even went to sleep taking about "Ma-Max" last night. So, so sweet. We got lots of candy, too, which means that daddy and mommy....errr, Braxton...will be eating good for the next few days. I'd say weeks, but that would be a lie. Hehe!

We love this Thomas-obsessed conductor with our whole hearts, and we are so thankful to have the opportunity to show him the world, to celebrate the little things with him, and to shamelessly take way too many pictures of that precious grin.

Never has there ever been a cuter train conductor, I just know it!
We hope your Halloween was full of more treats than tricks, friends!

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