Saturday, November 19, 2016

twenty-eight years young.

My man is twenty-eight years old today, y'all!

We had our annual fall family pictures taken last weekend, and man, do I love this one (major props to my dear EmilieCarol for snapping it). Wrapped up in his arms while giving him the biggest, realest grin I've got while getting one from him in return is the safest place I know. The best place I know.

This is a particularly special year, because it's the fourteenth birthday I've had the pleasure of celebrating with him. That's right, folks, I've been singing happy birthday to this handsome fella for half of his life! How crazy is that? Time flies when you've got a little one, but it also flies when you're doing life with your best friend...who just so happens to be your life crush, too.

Here's to spending this entire day with the birthday boy, and the next twenty-eight years (and beyond) loving him as whole-heartedly as possible!

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