Wednesday, March 16, 2011

still counting down.

Four months. One hundred and twenty-two days. Two thousand twenty-eight hours. One hundred seventy-five thousand, six hundred eighty minutes. Ten million, five hundred forty thousand, eight hundred seconds. Seventeen Saturdays.

That's how long until I marry the only man (other than my daddy) I've ever loved with every single teeny tiny piece of my heart. Looking at all those numbers makes it seem so far away, but then I think about how unbelievably fast the past six months and twelve days of our engagement have flown by. It's almost enough to blow my mind (in the best possible way, of course).

The place we will soon call our first home together is only small projects away from being completely finished. My first two showers are less than a month away. We've got couches (with the perfect pillows that I spent months waiting to find, might I add), a coffee table, end tables, a kitchen table, a bed, a desk for Teesh to studiously finish up his final year and a half of school, lots of nick-naks I've picked up along the way to add little bits of homey-ness to it, and two people who are ready to move in this very minute. We're got all we need, really, with just us two finally getting to spend our lives together. For richer or poorer (or, in our case, very poorer), in sickness and in health, in good times and in bad. I'm ready to have the wedding of my dreams and then get to spend the next fifty or so years focusing on the most important part of the journey: our adventure together.

All of these things haven't come together so perfectly without struggle though. It really is amazing how you think you know everything there is to know about a person, and then in just a few short months, you've learned things and had new arguments that you never dreamed you'd ever have. It's been messy and quirky and fun and not so fun, but it's all been just a little piece of God's plan for our lives.

I get all silly and teary-eyed when I think of how Jesus has orchestrated all of it. The fights, the laughs, the bumps and bruises, the will to keep pushing no matter what. If I had to pick one thing about our relationship to be my favorite, it would always be the same: the Lord's favor on us. Always. Through the breaks ups and the make ups and the people who said we'd never make it and all the billions upon billions of memories that we've been so fortunate to share together. All of it, even when I didn't realize it in the moment, was Jesus preparing us with his own two hands for the most incredible thing that either of us have ever experienced.

Mrs. Anna Bargeron. It has a nice ring to it, doesn't it? :)

"If something bad happens to us someday, it'll never change what we have now. What we've always had, because you were it real and we have to do everything to keep it alive." -Topanga, Boy Meets World

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  1. Favorite post ever for using Boy Meets World in a serious quotation!


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