Monday, May 2, 2011

my weekend in summerton.

Visiting my sweet best friend in her cute little hometown of Summerton, SC is always blissful. This was my third trip to the Martin household, but it was the first trip that wasn't wedding-related. Until this trip, I've always been Michal's wedding date/Cantey's stand-in bride/Sarah's stand-in bride, but I didn't have a single responsibility this time. I was a Martin girl for three days, and it was oh so wonderful.

Our activities included several home-cooked meals [all of which were delicious, by the way], an afternoon trip to Pawleys Island [which was my first beach trip of the new year...and it was the perfect day], fresh shrimp for an early dinner on Saturday night, Cracker Barrel for a later dinner with Bo joining our forces for a few hours [just so you know, Bo is THE BOMB!], my first time worshiping at Summerton Baptist Church, a satisfying Sunday nap on the couch, and a whoooooole lot of quality time with my best friend since the summer after I graduated from high school. Who knew that girls state would have such a lasting impact on my life? I sure didn't. :o)

beautiful Pawleys.

I lur-hurrrrrve her.

beach chairs looking out at the ocean. mmmm, something about that just makes my heart beat fast.

my pitiful little fair-skinned Michal's first time out in the sun for the season was less than ideal. it only took an hour before she had to curl up under her towel and shield herself from the sun. :(

first beach picture of 2011. so fitting that it was with my beach buddy! :)

'I know just about all there is to know 'bout the shrimp'n business.'

I am legitimately kicking myself in the hiney for not purchasing these for our wedding toast. how HILARIOUS AWESOME are these?!

the one and only Brittany Odom, better known as Bo!

SWAMP PEOPLE! that is all.

I'm thankful for weekends like this. The ones where everything is right in the world and you get to spend time with people you love with all your heart. I wish weekends like this would last and last and last. They may not, but their memories sure do. :)

"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend." -Plautus

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