Thursday, October 20, 2011

cooking with friends.

On Tuesday night, I went to a two-hour cooking class hosted by the magnificent Cindy Marlar. She and her precious family go to church with us at Capstone, and I've had the wonderful pleasure of getting to know them very well over the past few months. When Teesh and I were going through our marriage counselling, I put in a request with Chris (the awesome man who married us) to make her domestic abilities part of it, because she is THAT good. I can't even begin to tell you how excited I get when I find out she is the one who baked all the yummy goodies out in the cafe for us to eat. Mmmmm, scrumptious.

It was a fun "girls night in," and I even made several new friends in the process. Cindy made us ten different dishes to try while we were there, and gave us a cookbook filled with 115 different recipes. She referred to this as a "labor of love," because not only did she show ten women how it's done in the kitchen (not to mention the other twenty-ish that she has hosted in other classes), but she's doing this with for the noblest of reasons. Our church is hosting a never-done-before event this Saturday called "Walk for Water," and this how she is raising awareness/funds to do her part in helping us meet our goal. See, I told you Cindy was awesome.

If you're curious about Walk for Water, please click the link and find out more about it. We've been anticipating October 22, 2011 for several months now, and we are all SO excited about how the Lord is going to change lives in a matter of just a couple hours. Haitians (along with many, many other third-world countries around the world) are diseased and dying for the lack of clean drinking water. It's easy for us to shoot up a couple prayers for them and feel pity or sympathy for them, but it goes a level deeper to trust God enough with our finances to help them monetarily. Raising $25,000 is a simple task for our God. Do you believe it?

Capstone does.

I am blessed and honored and overwhelmed with joy that I get to play a small role in all the things my church is doing through the power of Christ. 

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