Sunday, October 9, 2011


We saw pleeeeeeenty of that glorious color on Saturday. I didn't think it was possible to miss a place so much, but 'tis true. I feel so shameful that it took us so long to finally make it to a game, but it was the perfect one to come to thanks to all the wonderful reunions I got to have with some of my very best friends. From the orange-themed foods and spirits to the unbelievably beautiful sunsets, there are few places that make my heart beat fast like this place does.

I'm blessed to call myself a graduate of the best university in the world.


"Where the Blue Ridge yawns its greatness,
Where the Tigers play,
Here the sons of dear old Clemson
Reign supreme alway.

Dear old Clemson we will triumph
And with all our might,
That the Tigers roar may echo
O'er the mountain height."

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