Monday, February 20, 2012

our accommodations.

While Teesh was the one experience the most firsts on this trip to a little piece of heaven, I got to have a few of my own, too. Yippee! In honor of our first trip together, we did a couple things that not even I had done before, starting with a two-night stay in a bed-and-breakfast. Neither of us had ever had the pleasure of staying in one before, and it was a treat for it to be in this little town by the river.

Allow me to introduce you to a darling place called the Clarendon Inn. She's nestled in a perfect little nook only two blocks up from the riverwalk, within walking distance of all my favorite places to visit.

She's pretty cute, huh? Maybe one day soon we'll get to visit her again.
I'll be keeping my fingers crossed, just in case. :)

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