Thursday, February 9, 2012


Twenty-seven years ago on this very day, Savannah Nicole Bargeron (now Childress) was welcomed into the world with open arms. She's a daughter, a wife, a hard-worker, a planner, a do-anything-for-anyone kind of gal. And to me, she's a big sister. Lucky for me, I was inducted into the Bargeron family looooong before I took their last name, and I fell in love with the privilege of getting two more sisters to add to my list of favorite things. 

My very first memory of Sav is being behind her in the car line when my mommy dropped me off at school when I was in middle school. She was dropping Teesh off, and I remember thinking how cool it would be to have a big sister to drive me to school. Not to mention how I secretly wished she and Candie would be my friends and I could hang out with them and get to see TJ while doing so because I had a ginormous crush on him. Who would have thought we'd be family ten years later? :)

happy birthday, Sav!
I'm so thankful for your love and support and friendship. Teesh is uber blessed to have a sister like you, and I'm uber blessed to have a husband with a sister like you.

"How do people make it through life without a sister?"
-Sara Corpening

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