Wednesday, January 23, 2013


My least favorite thing about being alive is dealing with death. While some of it may be able to be explained, none of it is easy--especially not the kind with unresolved questions. Over the course of my almost twenty-four years of life, death has never been too far away. In fact, a lot of the time, I'm convinced that it follows me around waiting to strike again. Sometimes I am directly affected, other times people that I love are directly affected, and then there are the times when I hear about a certain death and am overcome with so much sorrow and righteous anger because of the circumstances. Simply put, I am not a fan of death. Even more so when my mind is clouded with doubt and uncertainty about what came next for them.

Death was never part of the plan at the start of creation, but there is no denying that it's here and it's real. I look forward to the day that death dies for good, but my heart is also burdened for all those who will never taste life to the full. Some of us believe we've already reached that life, but that's not to conviction I love by. One day, I will enter His gates with thanksgiving, walk the streets paved in gold, enter His courts with praise, gaze upon my Savior's face for the first time, and spend an eternity knelt down at His feet singing "Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty." Chills. I long for that say to come soon, but I also long for everyone on earth to confess Him as Lord first. While I suffer from what feels like constant heartache from the brokenness of this world, joy is flowing from my pores and causing the most beautiful glow to resonate within my spirit. That glow is a never-ending reminder that this pain won't last forever. My Jesus will come again and He has promised to wipe every tear from my eyes when He does. He desires to do the same for you, too, if you'll let Him.

I am clinging to the hope of the cross while I struggle to smile in the overwhelming truth that this world is ruled by the prince of evil. Praise be to Jesus that though he rules now, he won't rule forever. Behold, my Savior will come for His own and death will reign no more! May my eyes be fixed on His mercy, love, and grace while I allow faith and hope to rule within my spirit.

Come soon, Lord Jesus, come soon!

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