Friday, January 18, 2013

the fab four.

meet three of my favorite ladies.

Melanie + Laura + Molly

My favorite part of any holiday or any family get-together is always this picture. I've got quite a few of them, and I can't imagine a time when I'll ever grow tired of taking them. These gals make me laugh, stand by my side, and every time we get to hang out, it's like the first time meets the thousandth time and there's never a dull moment. How blessed am I to have three ladies that I know I can count on for anything.

Family is so special, and I've spent a lot more time lately praising Jesus for the one He bestowed upon me. Sure, we have our disagreements and moments of drama, but that's kind of what makes family, well, family. I hope the day never comes when I am too weary or frustrated to thank my Jesus for each person that has had a hand in making me that little lady I've turned into over the years. Especially these three women of the Lord right here.

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