Thursday, February 21, 2013


For this year's Valentine's Day getaway tradition, we chose the cute little town of Helen, Georgia. The buildings made us feel like we were in Germany, and the food was delicious. We stayed at The Helendorf Inn, right on Main Street, which gave us easy access to all the shops and restaurants along the strip. It was a nippy day, but the sun felt so good when the breeze let up every few minutes. 

I love that we got to check another "Place to Visit" off of our Bargeron Bucket List, but I think that will be the only time we visit Helen. It might have been more fun on a summer day when there are more things to do, but we weren't too impressed with the most of the stores. Honestly, most of our laughter came with how disappointed we were--smiling through the pain, you know. Nevertheless, at least that's one more place we can say our feet have trod. :)

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