Thursday, October 24, 2013

first anniversary.

On this day, exactly one year ago, the Bargerons became homeowners for the very first time! Check out our first glances here! I remember every detail of that once-in-a-lifetime day, and it blows my mind to think that it's already been three hundred and sixty-five days since we stepped out further into adulthood. We have made it ours more and more each day, adding our own little personal touches in each room in the hopes that it will create continued warmth throughout. Sure, they're just walls, but they're our walls. And, yes, it's just stuff between those walls, but it's all our stuff that we've worked so hard to make ours. This past year has been filled with ups + downs + close calls + false alarms, but more than anything, it has been overwhelmed with blessings. The best part of it all? Sharing a home with the most wonderful man ever created. Mmm, I love coming home to my precious Teesh.

We have formed relationships with most of our neighbors, and we're frequently found outside chatting it up with one of them. We've had several family gatherings hosted here, and our door is always open for drop-ins. We handed out candy to the neighborhood trick-or-treaters only a week after moving in. Remodeling and renovating quickly became our favorite things to do. We've had more sleepovers + dinner parties + movie nights than we can count. We currently have a fabulous roomie living with us while she attends school. My little brother even confessed Jesus as Lord for the first time, stepping out of death and into life, sitting in our living room this summer. Y'all better scream and shout for that one!

The Lord has been faithful to bless our socks off even in the midst of our sinfulness. I can't wait to see all that happens to + in + through our home over this next year, and it is my prayer that we would continue to let Jesus use this beautiful place for His glory and fame on Brookdale Avenue. We may not know what all will take place here between the first + second anniversary of calling it ours, but we are confident that it will be good. As long as we are hidden with Christ on high, Ecclesiates 7:14 will be our anthem. Praise be to our gracious Father who enables us to experience so much joy at the Bargeron Bungalow.

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