Monday, October 14, 2013

the day before.

On Friday morning, Teesh and I left out of the Bargeron Bungalow at 4AM. Eleven hours later, we arrived in Longboat Key, Florida with two hours to spare before the rehearsal + rehearsal dinner. It was so great to hug the soon-to-be bride, and practice standing next to her as we prepared for the big day. The weather was flawless, the couple was eager, and I loved every second we got to spend with Eeedo as she quickly approached becoming a wife.

Following the rehearsal, we had a Mexican buffet dinner right on the water at the most gorgeous house in Longboat Key, and everyone enjoyed each other's company for several hours before turning in for the evening. There were laughs shared and tears shed, and we were all excited to be there in support of the future Mr. and Mrs. Hayes Orton. And, of course, our precious Isabelle!

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