Monday, October 27, 2014

a shower for braxton | round four.

The sun was shining, the sky was cloudless, and Mama B had no idea just how many blessings would be added to her list of reasons to be thankful when she first woke up to begin her day. Mimi, Aunt NikNik, and Aunt Cannie Ree worked hard for months to plan this perfectly perfect shower for me + my baby boy, and I don't remember a time all day long when there wasn't a smile on my face. We were surrounded by so many of the most supportive people in our lives, and I was lovin' all the lovin' my little one was getting.

Not only was it a wonderful time of being showered with love + goodies, but the afternoon that followed was wonderful as well. Teesh and I worked in the nursery for the rest of the day trying to organize + further prepare, and we were so giddy to see it really start to come together. We can't wait to show off the finished product to everyone soon! But first, here are scenes from the baby brunch that left me speechless for so many reasons.

Eighty-two days + counting!

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