Monday, October 6, 2014

a shower for braxton | round two.

Not only was Saturday the first day of our twenty-fifth week of pregnancy, but it was also the day we celebrated Braxton with his second baby shower! Blue + green + the cutest baby owls were everywhere, and family + friends-who-are-more-like-family gathered together in anticipation for the baby boy that we will soon be holding in our arms. We were overwhelmed with the most thoughtful gifts, and I couldn't help but inwardly (only because outwardly is impossible at this point) cut cartwheels at the thought of how many people love this little fella already.

Everyone guessed the size of my baby bump, and their predictions made me feel good about this little belly I'm growing. Auntie Mel + Aunt Cannie Ree could wrap their guesses around me twice, but their defense was that I would be that big by the time January gets here. Nice cover up, eh? We laughed so hard while playing this little game, and Mama B loved it. I don't know if there is a more beautiful sound than laughter.

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