Wednesday, October 22, 2014

coming home.

Last Friday night, the whole Bargeron family went to the homecoming game at Hillcrest High School to support our sweet Bailey as she walked across the field with Uncle Shawn as a member of the ladies' homecoming court. We hooted + holler for her, along with doing some hootin' + hollerin' for the Rams. It had been eight years since Teesh + I had been to a football game at our alma mater, and I'm pretty sure our team scored more points in the first half of this single game than they did the whole time we were in high school. We relived our homecomings, reminiscing about all the way things have changed since then. It was nice to be back under the lights of our old stomping grounds, indeed.

Go Rams!

Also, here's a sneak peak at how much has changed in ten years:

Homecoming 2004 + Homecoming 2014

The babies on the left have grown into the adults on the right who are having a baby in just three months. Crazy!

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