Tuesday, November 25, 2014

lighting the way.

One of our favorite adventures on Saturday afternoon was the drive to the state park on Hunting Island. There wasn't a cloud in the sky, and we jammed out to beach music while we rode with the windows down over bridges + between the marsh. Once we reached our destination, we quickly made our way to the lighthouse that was off in the distance. Not only did we get to see it up close + personal, but we also got to climb it! Only one hundred + sixty-seven stairs stood between us + the top, and we eagerly climbed every one of them so that we could get to the overlook as quick as we could. The wind almost blew us away + the dramatic drop in temperature from being up so high, but we were so overwhelmed with the beauty we beheld all around us that we barely noticed.

The Bargeron Babymoon was a smashing success, and this particular adventure was one we will tell our little boy about one day. We can't wait until he climbs mountains + lighthouses + everything in between with us.

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