Friday, November 28, 2014

third trimester progress | almost there!

We're a little less than halfway through our third trimester with our sure-to-be handsome little boy, and we are astounded with every day that passes at how quickly this pregnancy has progressed. Wednesdays are still our favorite days, watching Braxton move around in mommy's belly is still our favorite thing to do, and our dreams about the day we will soon hold him in our arms are still our favorite thing to talk about. There will be many, many surprises to come along with this new chapter of our lives, along with a whole lot of playing the guessing game with a newborn baby, but I am so thankful to confidently be able to say that with my mighty God guiding my every step + my husband walking that same path by my side, I am unafraid of what will come our way. I've been a daughter + a sister + a grand-daughter + a cousin + a niece + a girlfriend + a fiance + a wife, and while all of those have been wonderful blessings, I know that what awaits me in the next seven weeks will be unlike anything I've ever known before. Oh, how I can't wait to be a mommy! My heart swells to imagine all the love that will continue to grow as Braxton gets older + we add more kiddos to our family in the future, if the Lord is willing.

We've shared Mama B's growing belly during the first trimester + the first half of the second trimester + the remainder of the second trimester, and now we're proud to reveal how much she's grown over the past forty-two days, during weeks twenty-seven through thirty-two.

Wednesday, October 22nd
Week 27 + Day 4
Baby B is the weight of a head of cauliflower.
*A little over two pounds!

Wednesday, October 29th
Week 28 + Day 4
Baby B is the weight of medium-sized cabbage.
*A little over two-and-a-half pounds!

Wednesday, November 5th
Week 29 + Day 4
Baby B is the weight of a butternut squash.
*Just under three pounds!

Wednesday, November 12th
Week 30 + Day 4
Baby B is the length of a cucumber.
*17 inches long!

Wednesday, November 19th
Week 31 + Day 4
Baby B is the weight of a coconut.
*About three-and-a-half pounds!
*Also, today was especially wonderful as we celebrated Daddy turning twenty-six!

Wednesday, November 26th
Week 32 + Day 4
Baby B is the weight of a head of lettuce.
*About four pounds!

Countdown to Braxton Michael's expected debut:

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