Wednesday, November 19, 2014

november nineteenth.

Twelve years ago, November 19th became one of my most favorite + looked-forward-to days of the entire year.  I distinctly remember November 19th, 2003 being on a Wednesday, which made me extra giddy because youth group meant that I got to spend extra time celebrating the reason this day was so special. Earlier that day, I had put my artist skills to good work, and drew a picture on a sheet of notebook paper that excitedly said “Happy birthday!” with lots of colors + balloons + hearts +swirls that was lovingly signed with my name at the bottom. These “signs” (as we called them) were a regular gift from me, usually being presented a few times a week (with notes coming on all the other days). I smiled extra + day-dreamed more + gave extra side-hugs that day, and I remember being so sad when it was time for mom to pick me up from good ol’ TUMC. We talked on the phone (remember house phones?) that night until we both fell asleep, as we did most nights.

So, whose birthday was celebrated, you ask? Well, that would be my Teesh’s birthday, of course! We haven’t missed a birthday celebration together in twelve years, all of which have been wonderfully blessed, but this one is particularly unique from all the others in the past. You see, not only am I celebrating the person who I have watched grow from a boy into a man with every new year, but this year, I am celebrating the father of my future son, the one who will soon be called “daddy” by the precious child that the Lord is growing inside of me. While I admit that there are many things that take my breath away and cause my eyes to welp up with tears, nothing does that to me quite like knowing that the man I love more than any man in the entire world will soon have a mini-me, and I will get to celebrate another TJ every single day of every single year, just as I try my best to do for his daddy. This day just gets extra attention compared to the normal, even though he is a constant cause of so much joy + gratefulness in my life.

You could search the whole earth and never find another man as selfless + loving + hard-working + caring + enduring + silly as the one who is turning twenty-six years old today, and I never get tired of praising Jesus for bringing us together as husband + wife. I especially love to thank Him for giving me so many sweet memories of our lives together so far. I know I’m biased, and I also know that I say this all the time, but our story is unlike any other.

Happy birthday to the once-boy-now-man that has stolen my heart over + over again since he was just fourteen years old, the one who loves me like no one else ever has. Today, we celebrate his incredible life. But, don’t worry, we’ll do it all over again tomorrow + the next day + the next + forever. And soon, we'll have another little person celebrating with us!

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