Sunday, June 12, 2016

braxton michael | seventeen months.

My oh my, what a big month we have had. Our little B is seventeen months old, and he's a full-fledged toddler on a mission!

This past month, Braxton...
...went camping for the second time.
...hiked four times.
...rode his first rides at the fair.
...had his first stomach bug.
...spent his first weekend apart from mama and daddy.
...learned to sign "Please" and "Thank you" (in addition to "More," "Eat," and "Milk"). much better at copying words said to him.
...splashed out back in his kiddie pool AND in Mimi + Pops' big pool.
...said "Mama, "Water (wa-wa)," Hi," "Hello," "Bye bye," "Wow," and "Go" consistently.
...had his first two swimming lessons.
...screamed bloody murder during his first swimming lesson, but came around by the next one (PTL).
...ate a lot and pooped a lot (just keeping it real).
...celebrated several birthdays with family members + friends.
...had a couple playdates at the park.
...transitioned from two naps a day to one longer nap.
...started experimenting with using utensils by himself while eating.
...became more curious about a little thing called free will (Lord, help us).
...went to the zoo to celebrate Daddy's first day of summer. every single book on his book shelf a hundred times (kid loves to read, y'all).
...put his rain boots to good use in multiple puddles.
...took two trips to The Children's Museum of the Upstate.
...ran and jumped and screamed out in joy and had a blast wherever he went.

We love our wild and crazy, yet sweet and cuddly little dude so much. It's hard to believe that seventeen months have already come and gone, but we are certainly making the most of every single day. Our baby is growing in leaps and bounds every second of every day, and it would be a shame to waste our time wishing he wouldn't grow so fast instead of cheering him on as he blooms. I may or may not preach that to myself on a daily basis, y'all.

And now that it's officially summer break, the fun is just beginning!

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