Tuesday, June 28, 2016

sharing a room.

We've been roommates with the littlest Bargeron before, but this time was different than all the others. Each morning when we rolled over and opened our eyes, we were greeted by a tall, blonde toddler wearing a big, cheesy smile (behind his paci, of course) from across the room. It made us giggle every time, because it was almost as if he was studying us while we slept, hoping that we would lock eyes with him right that second.

It was seriously the cutest.

We hid out in our room for a little while each morning to be courteous of the other house guests, and it usually didn't take long before our crazy kiddo was squealing and laughing loud enough for the whole world to hear him, much less our condo. One morning, in particular, I grabbed my camera to capture his sweetness, and I am quite sure that these photos will go down in history as my very favorites. I love watching my two boys love each other, and the love was thick, thick, thick as I sneakily snapped away this day.

Braxton is a wiggle worm (seriously, the wiggliest), a giver of plenty of hugs and smooches, and daddy's biggest fan. These mornings, when it was just the three of us, were full of all of those things I love so much.

These days pass so fast, but these photos (and the millions of others you, I, and whoever else take) allow me to press pause and soak it all in for a bit longer.

This morning may be gone forever, but its sweet taste still lingers. I think it always will.

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