Sunday, June 26, 2016

bargeron beach bums | year two.

And just like that, Braxton is officially a water baby!

His first trip to the ocean was last July, but this time was much more fun for him...and us. A year ago he wasn't even sitting up on his own yet, but he ran and splashed and hooted and hollered and wore us all out for much different reasons this year. We ventured to the beach with most of TJ's immediate and extended family, which was quite the treat, and we certainly made the most of our time together between beach days, afternoons at the pool, family dinners every night, golf for the fellas, shopping for the ladies, football and Frisbee barefoot in the sand, a constant consumption of Krispy Kreme doughnuts (with a few extra pounds to prove it), game nights, a round of putt-putt (a very difficult challenge with a curious, strong-willed toddler present), and more.

TJ, Braxton, and myself were at the beach each morning around nine o'clock, and usually stayed out until early afternoon, breaking once to eat lunch + lay B down for a nap. We ate early dinners to beat the crowd + be back in time to keep Braxton on his schedule, and snacked all day long until it was time to leave (insert monkey covering its eyes emoji here). That's what vacations are for, right?

I took close to six hundred pictures over the course of the week, and I make no apologies about that. The sound of the shutter is my drug, an addiction that I'm not ashamed of in the least bit, and the two boys who usually end up in the frame are the biggest blessings I've got. Mix those two things together, and what do you get? Yep, six hundred pictures!

There wasn't a cloud in the sky all week long, the wind nearly blew us away on several occasions, and the water was refreshingly chilly. I spotted a baby shark (a little over a foot long) which made me think twice before getting in past my knees from then on, but I still braved the deep blue sea when the heat gave me no other option. Crazy! That was a first for me, and I would totally be okay if it was the last time, too.

I wonder what Braxton will think when we go back to having the sand between our toes again next month? I know one thing...his mama can hardly wait!

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