Friday, July 1, 2016

pool party.

Summer is full and exciting for everyone, so much so that it's harder to find a time to make plans with the people we regularly hang out with. That being the case, we were thrilled that this past Sunday worked for most of the folks in our community group, and we enjoyed very second of our time in the pool and grilling out together. These people, over the last few years, have become our people. You know, the ones who make you smile the biggest, who encourage you the most, and make you say lots of prayers of thankfulness.

And speaking of prayer, this God-ordained group is a praying bunch, too. If there is ever a need, we always go straight to each other, because of our faithfulness in locking arms and lifting hands on each other's  behalf in the past. TJ and I are so grateful for the blessing of these friends, and I think that everyone else would agree that they are, too.

A beautiful thing happens when friends become family, and we have witnessed it firsthand. What a sweet, sweet blessing! Especially when there is a pool and a grill involved. 

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