Friday, July 22, 2016

dupont state forest | hike it baby.

A big group of us hiked through DuPont State Forest earlier this week, and it didn't disappoint. It never does! We saw stunning views of High Falls and Triple Falls from two different lookouts, and we walked down to the base of Triple Falls for an up-close and personal encounter (using stairs, for those of you gasping at that last part). This was only my second trip to DuPont, and it was a different kind of beautiful in the summer opposed to late fall (November 2013). We didn't visit Hooker Falls on this particular trip, opting for a two-mile hike instead, but I hope we will be back to this park again soon.

It was hot, hot, hot, but everyone championed through the heat and elevation changes like champs. The little ones (especially mine) loved our little snack break, because they were able to run and play and pick up sticks with each other. Braxton was feistier than usual on this particular morning, so I enjoyed my little break, too (mamas, ya feel me?).

Seeing the world with a baby on my back is one of the best things I've ever known, especially when we are exploring with others who are intentionally doing the same. Dirt under our shoes, the world laid out in front of us, our kiddos' fingers twirling (pulling) our pony tails, sharing parenting stories...there's nothing like it!

Who wants to join us next time?

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  1. Gorgeous photos Anna! I love DuPont - wish it were a little closer to Gville, we would go a lot more often!


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