Tuesday, August 9, 2016

relay for life | team angie.


Everyone knows it could strike you or someone you love at any moment, but the weight of its reality leaves you breathless when you learn that it has. That's what happened in our family when we received news that our Mimi had heard the dreaded phase that caught us all by surprise: "You have cancer."

After a complex and strenuous surgery, six weeks of radiation, and countless prayers lifted on her behalf, Angie (Mimi) is cancer free! She still feels the grueling effects of it all as she rests and recovers today, but with a lot of faith, a lot of determination, a lot of Jesus, and a lot of people in her army, this difficult battle has been laced with enormous amounts of hope. She is not alone in this fight, and that has made her stronger. Cancer may have stolen some things from her, but it hasn't taken everything. And what it has taken doesn't come close to comparing with what has replaced those holes.

On Friday, we partnered with Relay for Life and fought back against cancer, and many others locked arms with us in our efforts to raise awareness and fundraise for a cure. It was an honor to walk with those who have survived cancer, as well as to walk in memory of those who no longer suffer from the effects of this disease.

Cancer does not have the final say, and we made that truth known by walking alongside of Angie as she sang her fight song. Her song gets louder as more of us join in and sing it with her, and we sang it for her and everyone else who has been affected by that dreaded six-letter word.

Thanks to the generosity of many family members and friends, our team was able to raise $1,260 for cancer research! WOW! We are grateful for every dollar that was given, and our prayer is that lives will be saved, bodies will be healed, and progress will be made because of our small efforts.

Team Angie is full of fighters, and our team captain is the toughest out of all of us!
Relay for Life
Fountain Inn, South Carolina
Friday, August 5th, 2016

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