Tuesday, August 2, 2016

beach daze | x-family vacation.

Last week was one of the best weeks of our lives, but we knew it would be long before it arrived.

The Halterons (Haltiwangers + Bargerons) took it to another level for our third family vacation this go 'round, spending a week with our toes in the sand and breathing in salty air with each other. Maddox was the water baby and Braxton was the sand baby, and they kept us on our feet all day every day (I know, big shocker). We got up early to beat the heat and to make the most of the few hours before nap time, and our favorite mornings were the ones when the tide was out when we got there and there was lots of room to run and splash.

The big boys played a couple rounds of bocce ball every day, the girls sat with our chairs at the water's edge until the heat became unbearable and we ran through the hot sand to steal some shade from the tent, the little boys did as they pleased and paused every once in a while to get some loving from us, and we all simply had a blast. A blast, I tell ya.

Even between chasing those crazy toddlers around, we did our fair share of relaxing. Some days the boys went back out to the beach during nap time, other days the girls did, and we tag-teamed quite perfectly all week. By mid-week we had already begun to plan our next family vacation! As you can probably imagine, all of us were sad when that last day arrived.

Wouldn't it be nice if weeks like this would just last and last?

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