Wednesday, August 24, 2016

poinsett park | hike it baby.

We went to our first "toddler waddle" at Poinsett Park with our Hike it Baby friends last week, and Braxton got to stretch out his legs and walk the track like a big boy. He loved practicing for big boy hikes with some of his buddies, and he loved it even more that there was a playground to play on after our lap around the track was complete. He, also, may or may not have hijacked his friend, Hayden's, push toy... Yep, we are thankful for buddies who like to share!

I have such a love/hate relationship with my baby growing up. I constantly catch myself celebrating every new milestone he reaches and then immediately wiping away tears once I really process what has happened. In only nineteen short months, I've already perfected the art of smiling through an ugly cry, y'all.

Before I know it, my sweet baby boy will be hiking the trails with me and his carrier will be a thing of the past.

...But let's not get ahead of ourselves...I will stretch it out as long as I can!

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