Friday, August 12, 2016

braxton michael | nineteen months.

I know a little boy who is nineteen months old today!

It's been a busy month, but Braxton has kept up with all of our shenanigans like a champ. We went to the beach for the second time of the summer (this time with our best buds), we celebrated several birthdays (including his cousin, Trent), we proudly supported our Mimi in Relay for Life last Friday night (and praised God the whole time we walked), we've only been on one hike since the middle of July (but we will be back in our normal rhythm again soon), and we even took our second trip to Jellybeans for his second haircut.

Braxton, also, spent his second weekend without us this past month when Teesh and I went away for a couple of days to celebrate our fifth anniversary. Mimi and Pops were on baby duty, along with the whole Bargeron crew for backup, and I think this time away was good for all three of us. I love spending my days with my little blonde-headed boy, but there was something quite magical about being lost in the woods with my first blonde-headed boy with nothing to do and nowhere to be. If I had to guess, I'd bet Braxton thoroughly enjoyed all the center-of-attention treatment he got that weekend, too!

Daddy went back to school this week, so it's just been Mama B + Baby B all day. The first few days were wet and rainy, but we finally changed out of our pajamas yesterday and spent our morning at the park. We've popped in to see daddy several times, too, but the thing at the top of our to-do list has been one of my personal favorites: snuggles.

Nineteen months old, and he still loves to snuggle with his mama. Oh, how I hope this continues for years and years and years!

He changes a little bit every day, and I'm still following him around at a distance, trying my best to give him space to grow and learn on his own while still being close enough to help if he hollers out my name. He is loud (louder than most others, I dare to say), he already loves to sing karaoke (future worship leader like his mama?!), he has finally figured out how to run (still pretty uncoordinated, but he has picked up lots of speed this past month), he still gives the sweetest hugs and kisses, he loves to say "Mama" all day every day (much to his daddy's demise), he enjoys pushing his limits already (Lord, help us), he already eats more than I do (seriously), and he has the most precious cheesy grin in the history of most precious cheesy grins.

Oh, that grin!

Nineteen months of joy, frustration, belly laughs, love like I've never known, and so much more. I will always be proud to call this boy (and his daddy) mine, and I wouldn't trade our life together for anything else in the world. What we don't have much of, we make up for in love...and that's good enough for me.

Happy nineteen months to our sweet Braxton Michael, the one who has taught us more than any school book ever has!

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